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The unshaken faith of a protestant on her deathbed

A protestant relative of a Catholic Archbishop – The Montreal Daily Witness, Sep. 30 1875

This morning the remains of Catherine McHale, widow of the late James Comber of this city, were interred in the Mount Royal Cemetery. She was a cousin of the noted Roman Catholic Archbishop McHale, of Tuam, Ireland. She died in Quebec, and had been for 14 years a member of the Church of England there, and the Presbyterian body here. She was a native of Killala, County Mayo, and was born and brought up a good Catholic. When she married, she changed her creed, and has ever since been a steadfast adherent of the Protestant faith. It was made known to many Roman Catholics in Quebec that she was related to the Archbishop, and they manifested some anxiety over her conversion. A year ago, having been taken ill, an Irish Catholic friend sent over a priest, who administered to her the Sacrament of Extreme Unction. She recovered, but during her late illness, did not see any spiritual advisors except Protestants, who state that within a day of her death, she expressed herself thoroughly reconciled, and that she experienced the peace of God. She leaves two daughters in Canada, one residing in this city and the other in Quebec.


"The Orange Lady"

An Old Acquaintance – The Montreal Evening Post Mar. 26, 1880

Last evening, about 11 o’clock, a somewhat eccentric and very boisterous woman, known to newspaper men as “the Orange lady,” and who will be remembered for the dispute ending in blows, which she had with “a Catholic female” on the 12th of July, 1878, made her reappearance as a public character of St. Monique street, where she caused a crowd to assemble, owing to her disorderly conduct and profane language, to which she added expressions anything but complimentary to Catholics. She was taken in charge of by a volunteer, whose offer of escort was readily accepted by the excited “lady.”


Snowball war escalates quickly

Disturbance in Ottawa Street – Montreal Gazette, Feb. 18 1878

A disturbance took place at the corner of Nazareth and Ottawa streets yesterday evening at about 5 o’clock, between a Protestant and Roman Catholic Sunday School party, who happened to meet each other. It commenced by a snowballing contest between the boys, and was ultimately joined in by some of the Young Britons and sons of Erin. Pistol shots were discharged and it is supposed some parties were injured, but nothing definite is known. On the arrival of the police on the scene of action everything had quieted down.