Mandatory sleigh bell law

Sleigh bells wanted – The Montreal Daily Witness Nov. 22, 1879

Now that winter has come upon us and sleighs are the vehicle of the season, it will not be out of place to urge the police authorities to enforce the law respecting the carrying of sleigh bells. Today we noticed several turn-outs driven along our most crowded thoroughfares without having the usual bells attached. Our slippery streets are already dangerous enough without adding the risk of being run over.


Fake it until you make it out of custody

Escaped from Beauport Asylum – The Montreal Herald Nov. 24, 1863

A man named Joseph Gautier who was sent to Beauport as insane a few months ago, escaped from that institution and came to Montreal on the 8th of October. He was sent to Beauport, when about to be prosecuted for obtaining goods by false pretenses, having manifested such signs of insanity as warranted his removal to that institution. Not relishing treatment for insanity he left surreptitiously. Information of the fact was sent to Montreal and Detective Goallier was detailed to hunt him up and found him working steadily and apparently quite rational. On being brought before the authorities, his insanity feigned or otherwise, again appeared. It is thought that he is shamming. He will, however, be sent to Beauport.


A hard day for horses...

Had to shoot four times to kill – The Montreal Gazette Nov. 10, 1891

Yesterday was a hard day on horses. One had to be shot opposite 71 Visitation street in the morning, and at 1 o’clock Inspector Galey shot one that had fallen and broken his leg on Notre Dame street. The next case was at the corner of Ontario and St Lawrence streets, where a horse had fallen and broken its leg from being turned out of the street car track while going at a high speed. In this instance the killing was brutal, four shots having been fired into the animal, and then it was ten minutes before it died.


A ghastly baboon's last days

City and district news – The Montreal Gazette Oct. 31, 1892

Cudjo, the frolicsome baboon at Sohmer park, has developed symptoms of consumption and his death is only a question of time. In his suffering he looks horribly human, so much so that he enlists the sympathy of all who see him.


Ed’s note: Opened in 1889 Sohmer park an amusement park that would feature attractions, live orchestral music, opera, and military marches. In 1919 the park was completely destroyed by a fire. It would have been located on the current grounds of the Molson Brewery in the eastern edge of downtown Montreal. Photo below is taken at Sohmer park in 1890 and is part of the McCord's collection.