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Mandatory sleigh bell law

Sleigh bells wanted – The Montreal Daily Witness Nov. 22, 1879

Now that winter has come upon us and sleighs are the vehicle of the season, it will not be out of place to urge the police authorities to enforce the law respecting the carrying of sleigh bells. Today we noticed several turn-outs driven along our most crowded thoroughfares without having the usual bells attached. Our slippery streets are already dangerous enough without adding the risk of being run over.


Pedestrian stuck by sleigh

Careless Driving – The Montreal Daily Witness Mar. 2, 1868

A carter, in attempting to pass another vehicle, in Notre Dame street, this afternoon, knocked down a poor old man, who is an inmate of the House of Refuge and a cripple. He received a severe wound on the head, which bled very profusely. He was kindly aided by W. A. Merry, Esq, and placed in the sleigh of Mr. John Fogarty, of Colborne street, who was passing, and who, with great care, conveyed the poor man to the General Hospital. Mr. Fogarty’s sleigh-robes were completely stained with blood.


Grand theft sleigh

Bold Robbery – The Montreal Gazette Jan 16, 1880

A horse and sleigh were stolen from before the Bishop’s Palace by some parties unknown on Wednesday night. The owners, who were at the Palace at the time, at once notified the police and the horse and sleigh were afterwards found in a lane off Jurors street. A portion of the harness and a valuable robe, however, were missing, and for the return of these a reward is offered.