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Farm yard nap goes wrong

A shocking incident – The Montreal Daily Post Dec. 5, 1885

A shocking story comes to hand from the county of Huntingdon. A few days ago John Napier, a farmer residing at Coveyhill, got on the spree with some friends. His friends saw him home and deposited him in his farm yard, supposing he would go into his house. Unfortunately, however, he went to sleep in the yard, and his pigs being loose proceeded to make a supper of his nose and fingers, completely eating them off. When he awoke in the morning he presented a horrible appearance. Medical assistance was procured, and he is now progressing favorably.


"A confirmed drunkard"

Dipsomania – The Montreal Gazette Sep. 15, 1879

Jane Lamont, a widow woman of Scotch birth, is a confirmed drunkard, as stated by the Police. She resides on Chaboillez street, and when filled with the “Curse of Canada,” becomes a perfect nuisance in the neighbourhood, so much so that the respectable residents in the vicinity apply to the police for her incarceration. It appears that she is maintained by some friends in her native country, who supply her with the necessary funds wherewith to live and get drunk. Every cent is squandered on liquor, and the poor unfortunate is periodically on the verge of delirium tremens. Yesterday she was a prisoner in the Chaboillez Square station, and so low was her condition that Dr. Leprohon had to be called in. A medical inspection showed that the woman was in no immediate danger, and she was not removed from the cell.


A drunk of tender years

Five years to sober up – The Montreal Daily Post Aug. 24, 1885

Victor Lafrance, aged 17, got drunk in his father’s residence yesterday and created so much trouble that he had to be arrested. He was brought before the Recorder this morning, when it was shown that his desire for liquor was too strong for a boy of his tender years. He was accordingly sentenced by the Recorder to five years in the Reformatory.


Respectably dressed men brawl in street

Fight in a Saloon – The Montreal Gazette Jun. 25, 1887

A free fight took place last night about 11 o’clock in a saloon on Chaboillez square among a crowd of respectably dressed young men. On being ejected they got up a series of scrimmages at the corner of Chaboillez street. A large crowd gathered and there was quite an exciting time for about ten minutes with the shouting and yelling of the combatants and the shouts of the police. When the fight was over and the young men separated two policemen came running down from the station.


A promising young man threatened by drink

Power of Strong Drink – The Montreal Daily Witness Jun. 8, 1877

There is a promising young man in this city today who is so overcome by the love of liquor that he is being confined by his friends. He admits that even the stale smell issuing from a saloon door tempts so strongly as to compel him to enter and drink, and he obeyed the impulse so frequently that he lately suffered from delirium tremens. How many of these wretched cases there are in our midst no one knows, and yet our License Commissioners are busy opening more and more of these gates to earthly and eternal ruin.