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Foremen fistfight on the Canal

City News – The Montreal Daily Post Jul. 20, 1886

About 7 o’clock yesterday morning two men named respectively Joseph Roy and J.B. Trudeau, the foremen of Drolet & Co., quarrelled near the Wellington basin on the canal and a fight ensued. Trudeau, in the course of the affray, aimed a blow at Roy’s head, when he missed him, and, losing his balance, fell into the canal. He was rescued by the men of Bateau No. 2.


Respectably dressed men brawl in street

Fight in a Saloon – The Montreal Gazette Jun. 25, 1887

A free fight took place last night about 11 o’clock in a saloon on Chaboillez square among a crowd of respectably dressed young men. On being ejected they got up a series of scrimmages at the corner of Chaboillez street. A large crowd gathered and there was quite an exciting time for about ten minutes with the shouting and yelling of the combatants and the shouts of the police. When the fight was over and the young men separated two policemen came running down from the station.