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Jail bird jerk

Unfeeling Conduct – The Montreal Gazette Jul. 23, 1878

As Henry Landry, a jail bird, was being taken from the Court yesterday, attached to another jail bird named Joseph Deschenes, he saw his wife and child and was leaning forward to have a last kiss, when Deschenes jerked him away in a very brutal manner, causing him to miss that last pleasure. The people who witnessed this little act evidently had their opinion of Deschenes, as the general verdict was that he was a brutal fellow.


Blacksmith escapes jail cell

Escaped – Montreal Herald and Daily Commercial Gazette Jun. 4, 1872

On Friday a man named Henry Gauthier, a blacksmith, was arrested by the police for drunkenness, and lodged in Panet street station. After having been some time in the cells he managed to unfasten the door, and rushing into the street made his escape. The cells in this station would need looking to, as Gauthier is not the first person who has escaped from them.