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Get your wallets out

A good place to invest – The Montreal Herald Jul. 22, 1885

A representative of the Herald in conversing with a large capitalist who came to this city from the States some years ago, bringing quite a large sum for investment, received from him the following statement regarding Montreal as a location for good paying investments. He remarked that he would choose Montreal as the best place for his purpose after looking at property in several other cities, and that after some ten years experience, having purchased both commercial, city and farm property, he was satisfied that his judgment was correct. The rate per cent realized was a very fair one, while the security is the best in the world.


A prevalent disease

The Oil Fever – The Montreal Herald Jan 22, 1866

This disease which has of late been very prevalent in several townships on both sides of the border and south of us, has brok[en] out in Sherbrooke. The complaint is believed to have been brought there by some gentlemen who visited Bothwell a short time since. The symptoms are very decided; the patients are impressed with the belief that $100 invested in an oil company is quite sure to increase from four to ten fold in a few months.