Thieves make off with sails

City and Suburban News – The Montreal Herald Aug. 3, 1889

A mean outrage was perpetrated at Valois on Wednesday night. Some thieves came into the bay during the night and cut and stole the sails of the yacht Madge, belonging to Mr. A. G. Walsh, and the Big Mary, belonging to the Valois syndicate. As Saturday is the Valois regatta day, the boys feel very sore about it, as it, of course, spoils their chance for the race, and the time lost and expense of getting a new set of sails makes the occasion particularly annoying. In the case of the Madge the sail cloth itself was ripped to save the thieves’ time. The matter is to be placed in the hands of detectives, and if the thieves are caught they will be prosecuted. The owners are willing to give a reward of $10 for any information that may lead to the detection of the robbers.