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A quiet wedding

Two hearts that beat as one – The Montreal Gazette Dec. 17, 1879

A young couple from Burlington registered their names at the Ottawa Hotel yesterday morning, and in the afternoon the gallant swain requested the obliging manager to give him the address of a clergyman, as he and his fair companion wished to enter the hymeneal state. The request was complied with, and at four p.m. the Rev. Geo H. Wells performed the ceremony in the drawing-room of the hotel. There was none of the excitement which the usual accessories to the stereotyped wedding festival occasion, and the same afternoon the newly married couple left as quietly as they arrived. We wish them a journey though wedded life as unruffled as their entrance into it.


Cold feet can be expensive

He was fickle minded – The Montreal Gazette Jul. 17, 1891

Messrs. Geurin & Feron, as lawyers for Miss Julia Shea, have taken action in the Superior court against Mr. Daniel Phelan for ten thousand dollars for alleged breach of promise of marriage. When the case comes up for trial some interesting developments are expected, as the plaintiff states in her declaration that she has been engaged to defendant for two years under promise of marriage, and that he, moreover, made all arrangements for the wedding, which was to have taken place at St. Patrick’s church on Tuesday last; but on Sunday he changed his mind, for what reason she does not say.