A den of the "vilest orgies" found in Ste. Cunegonde

A “Dance House” Discovered – The Montreal Daily Witness Feb. 23, 1880

A report having been published this morning that one of those disreputable establishments known as a “dance house” was in full blast on one of the main streets of Ste. Cunegonde, our reporter today repaired to the suburb to ascertain its truth. The authorities professed to know nothing of the matter. What they did not know, however, was furnished by certain leading residents who stated that there is a saloon on St. Joseph street where the vilest orgies are practiced at stated periods, and that several Montrealers are frequenters of this place. That such a den should exist in the heart of Ste. Cunegonde and the police of that place be in blissful ignorance of the fact surpasses belief.