Small pox and floods considered...

Real Estate Improving – The Montreal Daily Herald and Commercial Gazette, Mar. 9, 1886

Mr. Potter’s room was filled, yesterday morning, with an audience of bona fide buyers. The demand for houses or cottages at from $3,000 to $5,000 is stronger than it has been for years. Mr. Potter made quite a speech about the position and prospects of Montreal, and claimed that, notwithstanding the serious visitation of smallpox, the North-West excitement, and two floods, Montreal held her own as the first city of the Dominion. He said that no city offered better investments in real estate, which must be based on sure and substantial progress. His remarks were loudly applauded. The cottage at 50 Tupper street brought $3,325 case, and was bought by Mr. W.P. Johnson. Another investor purchased the lot on Dorchester avenue, Cote St. Antoine, at 20 cents per foot cash. The cottage 50 Tupper street will be sold, to-day, at $3,500, and No. 7 Closse street at $3,550 or $3,600. It is pleasing to note the continual improvement in city property.