No good deed

Cruelty to animals – The Montreal Gazette Jan 5, 1878

Mr. John Watkins some time ago caused a man named Lambert to be arrested for cruelty to a cow. The matter was brought before the Recorder, and the case dismissed, although the case was one apparently justifying the arrest at the time. Lambert then sued Mr. Watkins for damages, and the Court, feeling the case to be one of great hardship, awarded merely nominal damages. But in the meantime the costs had accumulated, so that Mr. Watkins, as the result of doing an act which seemed at the time one of simple duty, if the law against cruelty to animals is to be enforced at all, is out of pocket about $150. A number of gentlemen connected with the society for the suppression of such cruelty and others have subscribed sums towards making good this loss, and we understand others are to be called upon. The case is undoubtedly one calling for this kind of practical public sympathy.